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Origin developed and operates an industry-leading system to aggregate structured and unstructured data. We then use a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and experienced human intelligence to process that data and monitor it in real-time. We provide services to government agencies and organizations.

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Origin Sentinel is an Al platform that aggregates multi-source information, processes the raw data, and provides critical intelligence in real-time.

Origin Sentinel is powered by billions of data points and leverages cutting-edge public and proprietary records technology to locate hard-to-find information and quickly identify concerns associated with people, business entities, and assets.

Sentinel is used by financial services firms to monitor their investment portfolio, management team, and clients. Corporations leverage Sentinel to improve hiring and human resources, enhance operations, and to prevent fraud. Sentinel assists government agencies and NGOs with locating and monitoring individuals associated with criminal activity and other adverse actions,

Sentinel works in the background 24/7/365 to ensure our clients can make critical decisions using the most accurate and up-to-date information.

How Sentinel Works

Origin collects and monitors data from thousands of sources including public records, international sanctions and blacklists, civil and criminal records, utility data, SEC and other corporate records, global news, social media, and more.

Then, our proprietary machine learning engine and artificial intelligence svstem filters irrelevant and duplicate data, identifies red flags, and forms meaningful connections between key data points. Simultaneously, our system compiles and analyzes unstructured data, such as news articles, blogs, and social media, to extract and identify significant data

Finally, our experienced intelligence analysts verify the data and provide critical updates to our clients in real-time. The final step is essential to ensure accuracy, regulatory compliance, and to bring clear meaning to complex information.

Continuous Evaluation Backgrounds

Origin provides continuous evaluation of employees, business partners, and volunteers so you no longer have to rely on outdated or even periodic background checks. Our team of law enforcement and intelligence professionals work with our partners to protect their reputations, business interests, and our communities.

Background investigations powered by Origin Sentry are comprehensive and provide the intelligence that matters to your organization.

Origin Sentry is the essential genesis of the Sentinel system. Sentry is a thorough background investigation that establishes a subject's baseline file from which we begin monitoring through Sentinel.

Sentry provides information related to address history, property ownership (including unlawful detainers and foreclosures), civil court records, arrest and incarceration, criminal records, driving offenses, tax liens, sex offender registration, World-Check status, bankruptcy, restraining orders, and more.

Sentry uses our machine learning engine, artificial intelligence system, and critical human intelligence to build a comprehensive file on a subject, from which we monitor changes in real-time through Sentinel.

Why Sentry is Better

Sentry is an entirely new way to think about background investigations. Not only does Origin include data from significantly more sources than traditional background screening companies, but we make it easy to evaluate the data that matters to your organization.

Sentry is comprised of two components. Initially, SentryID verifies key data to build a comprehensive subject profile. Then, SentryRisk distills billions of data points from thousands of sources into clear actionable intelligence.

Origin Sentry+ provides even more in-depth information and direct access to the raw data that creates a subject's Sentry profile.

Sentry+ builds on the Sentry platform to deliver an even more comprehensive background investigation, and can be used in conjunction with Sentinel or independently as required in specific use cases.

Sentry+ includes, but goes well beyond, information related to address history, property ownership, civil court records, arrest and incarceration, criminal records, driving offenses, tax liens, sex offender registration, World-Check status, bankruptcy, and restraining orders. Sentry+ reveals a subject's personal history, including information on relatives and known associates, marriage and divorce, employment status, professional licensing and accreditation, corporate ownership, education verification, and more.

With Sentry and Sentry+, we not only conduct thorough background investigations, but provide critical analysis of the information. This final step turns disparate information into actionable intelligence.

When your organization needs to go beyond the traditional background investigation, we offer unparalleled due diligence with Origin Scout.

Origin Scout is a background investigation platform with an unsurpassed level of depth and due diligence. In addition to comprehensive data, Scout leverages human intelligence to uncover the most hidden or misunderstood information.

Scout is used by organizations and high-profile individuals around the world to enhance and simplify the due diligence process, protect against reputation damage, and mitigate regulatory risk.

In addition to comprehensive reports, we also offer preliminary insights into which individuals or entities present heightened risk. This can be used to gauge the level of potential risk and determine the type of report most suitable

Types of Scout Reports

  • Basic Reports offer an initial analysis when you need to form a fundamental understanding of an individual or business entity. The report is designed to screen subjects for significant derogatory information and covers major compliance databases and media, but includes information in the local language only. It is ideal for clients requiring a low-cost, high-volume solution with a quick turnaround.
  • Standard Reports are ideal when more in-depth knowledge is required. This report screens subjects for major derogatory information and utilizes associate analytics to identify other areas of concern. It includes foreign language content and local checks for criminal activity, litigation, bankruptcy, and other red flags.
  • Premium Reports offer detailed information about your most critical or risky relationships, and should be used where standard due diligence is not enough. Our Premium Reports include all components of the Standard Report, and also add background information on the reputation of the subject, leveraging invaluable human intelligence and delivering critical insights. Premium Reports cover instances where the subject is high risk, high value, or has initial findings that indicate deception or other red flags.

Origin is a full-service private investigation and intelligence agency. We assist governments, corporations, law firms, and individuals with criminal and civil matters.

We specialize in matters related to criminal investigations, intelligence gathering, corporate and insurance fraud, surveillance, background investigations, computer forensics, threat assessment, and missing persons.

Our investigators and operatives have extensive knowledge and training acquired through law enforcement, intelligence, and private sector experience, and we maintain an extensive network of assets to assist with cases throughout the United States and abroad.

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